Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Podcasts aka why I don't read as much

I'm in a bit of a reading slump.  Not sure how it started, but on my lunch breaks I started listening to audiobooks from the library. Then I ran out of good audiobooks on the online system. Who knew you could run out of books you wanted to read?

Then I discovered podcasts and it was love at first listen. Seriously, if you like audiobooks and haven't delved into podcasts you're missing out. They're like never-ending audiobooks. There's always a new episode or new show you can listen to.

My Favorite Podcasts

  1. Missing Maura Murray
    For the mystery lover, this is your podcast. The case of Maura Murray is baffling. Maura disappeared in such a short time frame, it seems crazy that nobody noticed. This case has so many different bunnytrails. Lance and Tim do a great job of keeping the show interesting, while being respectful of the family and people involved.
  2. Up and Vanished
    This podcast began my love of true crime podcasts. It's well-produced and engineered. The case is also fascinating.  The only complaint I have is the community surrounding this case is pretty full of drama with Facebook groups and secret Facebook groups.  Just avoid it and listen to the story.
  3. True Crime Garage
    Nick and the Captain explore a different case every week (or two if there's a lot to cover). They're entertaining, respectful and sometimes righteously angry at the players involved.
  4. Vox's The Weeds
    I started listening to this podcast when I was overwhelmed by politics. For me, it felt like everyone was always yelling at each other. This podcast is a nice contract, an intelligent deep-dive into politics.  I also recommend Wordly and The Impact which are spin offs of this podcast.
  5. Left, Right and Center
    Everything I said for The Weeds is pretty much same for Left Right and Center. This podcast brings together commentators from across the political spectrum who discuss what's happening in politics. It's nice to hear different perspectives in a respectful medium. 
  6. Lore
    For lovers of folktales and fantasy, lore should be on your podcast list.
  7. Heaven's GateThis new podcast gives an in-depth look at everything that happened with the Heaven's Gate cult. It's fascinating and respectful, likely because the host grew up in a cult himself and understands the experience.

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