Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Half-Remembered Reads

And I’m back with more half-remembered reviews and general impressions of books. Just what you always wanted, right?

Blue Blood Series - 3ish stars
This is not my typical type of book. I’m not into vampires or the problems of pretty little rich girls.  So why am I reading this series? Honestly, I like the audio-book narrator and my library has the whole series on digital download. Oddly, despite seeing the flaws, I thoroughly enjoy listening to these books and went through the series pretty quickly. The premise is creative, vampires as fallen angels, but I struggled with the fact for the most part there didn’t seem to be anything remotely angelic about the characters. Still, it’s a fun series especially on audiobook.

Library of Souls - 2 stars
I really liked the first book about the Peculiar children. It was weird and quirky, trying a little bit too hard but earnest and enjoyable. The second one I liked a little less.  This third one just began to annoy me. The love-story grated on me, I’m just over the Jacob/Emma relationship and the angst over whether they’re staying together or not. The characters feel annoyingly thin, despite the fact this is the 3rd book, they don’t feel fully fleshed out. This is a series that wore out it’s welcome for me.

Rebel of the Sands - 4 stars

I absolutely love fantasy that’s set in the Middle East. I’ve read enough stories with your typical faeries and creatures that it’s always nice to step into a different setting with a different mythology.  I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.  

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