Saturday, November 18, 2017

Books I've read: The Epic Catching Up Post

So it’s pretty obvious I quit blogging. I’m not sure in what capacity I’m back. I simply don’t have the time that I used to (and honestly am not sure where it went). But I miss writing. Aside from press releases and work-related social media posts, I feel creaky and rusty in the creativity department. Also I’m trying to curb my current Netflix habits (seriously why am I watching so much Netflix?).  So I’m sort of back!  And don’t worry I have a few posts written, both about climbing and books, so this won’t be a one-off.

Let’s Get Lost - 2 stars
This was a meh-fest for me. The whole premise felt contrived, a hipster-tastic manic-pixie dream fest that was almost unreadable.  It’s maybe a miracle I finished the damn thing. The book is divided into a few different mostly-independent and unconnected stories (except for a character bridging them). Some of the stories were really annoying, with a case of insta-love and some were a little more compelling.  Overall the whole thing just grated on my patience.

Goldenhand - 5 stars
Thank you Garth Nix for being reliable. Also, I’m extremely grateful for a Lirael and Nick story.  I adore Lirael, and loved seeing her grow into her role as Abhorsen-in-Waiting. These two are so awkward and delightful at times. If you have not read the Abhorsen series it’s highly recommended.  This book was worth the wait.

Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center - 4 stars
I’ve been a feminist for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are railing against gender roles and asking questions about why boys and girls were treated differently. However, I’ve never done much reading on feminist theory. I wanted to read something that dealt with intersectionality. This book was so relevant I was surprised that it was published in 1984. It was a little heavier than I normally read on my lunch break but probably more enriching.

The Name of the Star - 3.5 Stars
For some reason I had low expectations for this book but actually really enjoyed reading it.  Isn’t it funny how expectations can either ruin or improve upon a book?  It’s been a few weeks since I finished it and I took no notes (since I wasn't blogging at the time) so about all I can say is that it was a pleasant surprise and I plan to continue the series.

Sorry for the lack of details in these short reviews.  I wasn’t thinking about blogging when I wrote them, just reading for fun.  

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