Friday, October 10, 2014

Oh Yeah, Audrey! (reveiw)

3.5/5 stars

Oh Yeah, Audrey! (Goodreads | Amazon) struck a cord with my old-movie-loving high school self.  Back in those days I was obsessed with old movies, thought Clark Gable was clearly the hottest celebrity ever and Katherine Hepburn was amazing. Though I liked Audrey Hepburn she was never one of my obsessions.  So to me, these three teenagers who run a tumblr blog about old celebrities felt authentic.  I would've done that in a heartbeat.

This is a cute story following main-character Gemma Beasley as she tries to escape her painfully normal existence and turn into Audrey Hepburn/ Holly Golightly for one perfect New York City day.  Along with her co-bloggers, they runaway to NYC to recreate a 24 hour Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired experience.

But when a handsome wealthy boy shows up, someone else Gemma also met through her tumblr blog their plans change as she is swept away by a chance to experience New York City like she never would be able to.

This book is a cute 24-hour whirlwind.  Of course that creates limitations on character development but the book has a surprisingly amount of heart and forces Gemma to tackle a lot of the issue she's been avoiding since her mother's death.  If you like old movies, especially if you did at 16, odds are you'll relate to the main character. It's a quick, fun and very pleasant little adventure thats enjoyable to read.

I received an advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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