Sunday, December 29, 2013

Being Sloane Jacobs (review)

4/5 stars

Sloane Emily Jacobs is the daughter of a U.S. Senator with the picture perfect family that isn't quite as perfect as it seems.  A figure skater, Sloane Emily choked at junior nationals and isn't sure that iceskating is really for her, but her parents send her to Montreal for skating camp despite her objections.  Sloane Devon Jacobs is a tough hockey player dealing with her own slew of problems that are manifesting themselves in fighting on the hockey rink.  Like Sloane Emily, she's sent away to a different ice hockey camp in Montreal.

Being Sloane Jacobs (Goodreads | Amazon) is about each girl's struggle to find themselves in the midst of their problems.  The pair meet because of a luggage mix-up at their hotel.  Neither wants to face their life so they decide to switch for the summer.  This book requires a certain suspension of disbelief, that the Sloane Jacobs can switch sports with minimal difficulty and nobody will notice that they're not who they're supposed to be.  If you're willing to make that jump then this is an enjoyable book.  It's a little bit of a leap, being able to skate does not make someone an figure skater or hockey player, but it's one the book requires.

I love sports books, especially when they're not just play-by-plays of the action but realize the impact that sports can have on someone's life.  Part of the reason Sloane Devon sticks with hockey is because that's her ticket out of her life and into a college scholarship.  It also recognizes the camaraderie of team sports, which is something an isolate and lonely Sloane Emily needs in her life.  Even though this book takes place at sports camp, it's not just about sports.  It's about their lives back home, their families and everything they're trying to escape.

For me, this book was a fun sports read.  I don't feel like there are enough books about sports, especially not enough books about girls playing sports out there in the YA realm.  This book had it's flaws, I personally didn't think it was necessary to pair off the two main characters with romantic interest, but the story was still an enjoyable read.  For something cute and fun, this book will do nicely.

I received an advance reading e-book in exchange for an honest review.   

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Kris (Imaginary Reads) said...

I also love sports books, and there certainly aren't enough books about girls playing sports out there. This sounds like a lovely read. Great review, Cassi!