Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quick Reviews - The Fourth Bear, The Stolen Child, Over Sea Under Stone

The Fourth Bear

4/5 stars (Goodreads | The Fourth Bear)

This book was a lot of fun, especially as an audiobook.  Despite being the second in a series, I never felt lost or confused by the characters or the plot.  It's always nice to read a series where you don't necessarily have to remember everything from the last book to enjoy the next.  This book is meant to be ridiculous, with a villain like the Gingerbread Man and a fairytale police department would you expect anything else?  A fun, twisting, silly mystery that's great for car rides.

The Stolen Child

4/5 stars (Goodreads | Amazon)
A story of two changelings, the boy who is stolen and the changeling who takes his place, the story is told in alternating points of views.  With both characters you get the longing to return to the human-world.  They are children who aren't children, either growing up without growing old or being old already when they finally get to grow up.  It's an interesting story, more powerful for showing the two perspectives.  While at times the story drags and the passage of time is confusing, the book is very enjoyable and well-worth reading.  I listened to it on audiobook and really enjoyed the narration.

Over Sea, Under Stone

3.5 stars (Goodreads | Amazon)
Another take on Authurian legend and looking for the treasures of King Arthur, which is pretty middle of the road.  The book was good enough, a nice little story about a family staying in Cornwall who find an ancient map.  Evil people, known as "the Dark", try to steal the map and stop their progress.  I listened on audiobook and wasn't very impressed with the narration, particularly when it took on female voices, but it was acceptable. Depending on how much you like variations on King Arthur, the book is a pleasant little story.

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