Friday, September 27, 2013

Follow Friday - Reading Nook

Follow Friday is a feature created by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  It's a fun blog hop where you meet other book bloggers and find people to follow.
Activity: Reading Nook Tour!

I don't actually have a real reading nook.  I actually do most of my reading in my office on my lunch break. It's sterile and not a very comfortable couch. So I guess that counts.

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xtina@moydrookreads said...

Just found your blog thru the Feature&Follow event and am so happy I did. I love your rants about the patriarchy. That is ABSURD that anyone thinks John Green saved YA lit. I also love John Green but COME ON. JK Rowling is the only answer to that question, with Stephanie Meyers, devil take her, a close second. If flocks of people are slamming down John Green books it's only because they are accepting of YA lit in the first place which is only because people like JK paved the way. Ok rant over--I am happy to join your many followers and look forward to future posts from you! My blog is XOXOXO.