Friday, July 12, 2013

Sexism and Feminism in Geekery 6

Sorry there was no Sexism and Feminism post last week!  I actually did not intend this to become a weekly feature but my blog felt kind of sad without it.  So it may be weekly or every-other-week depending on what's happening.  But yes this is here to stay. Damn does that mean I need to make a graphic?

Amy Poehler YAY

One of my friends from Goodreads and twitter,@Ceilidhann tweeted about Amy Poehler having a webseries. I amazed that I have never heard of this. It's a completely adorable series called Amy Poehler's Smart Girls which is targeted at and stars young smart girls.  Like this adorable and brilliant 7 year old:

SFWA Facists

Someone made what is supposed to be a parody twitter account but either they don't understand parody or they're not very funny. Or actually both.  It's called @SFWAfascists. They claim to be "Screeching Feminist Witches Association - parasites destroying institutions and society with political correctness" Hilarity ensued when they made a list (that they've already changed the name of once so I'm worried about hyperlinking but really you can find it on their page) of feminists/people they were trying to shame. Almost everybody on the list immediately got a bump of around 60 followers while the original account hovers at a measly 19.  So yeah that plan backfired.

Doctor Who

Jezebel pointed out that none of the episodes of Doctor Who were directed by a women this season. Somehow this doesn't surprise me but it's still sad.
That’s the thing about institutionalized sexism: it’s woven into the fabric of an industry, so much so that people — men and women — start believing that certain jobs are for women while other jobs are for men, that men are intrinsically suited to sit behind a camera or build a bridge, while women are best left to manage a home or become nurses.
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Sports, Sexism and Body Shaming

You think winning the Wimbledon might be the best day of Marion Bartoli's life.  Actually it probably was.  But the people of the internet, sitting on their lazy asses watching from a screen, were very disappointed that she wasn't a skinny mini blonde.  Probably more than other recent incidents of sexism really angered me. Why? Because it reminded me that the world still sees a woman's worth not through her accomplishment but by how attractive they look.  They don't give a damn that she's obviously physically fit and that she just achieved her dream. They care how she looked while doing it.  You see this a lot with women's sports, but also when women are accomplished at anything it's either noted that it's amazing they worked so hard despite being pretty or that they work so hard because they aren't pretty.  Pretty isn't everything.

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Brittany Davis said...

I love love love Amy Poehler. Love love love. The Emmys last year when Julia Louise Dreyfus "accidentally read Amy's speech" really sealed the deal. Famous & hilarious women, being awesome and congratulating, supporting and empowering each other even in a competitive industry? That's awesome. Let's have more of that.
The negative reaction to Bartoli's win was so disappointing.

Cassi Haggard said...

I was really surprised I hadn't seen the webseries because my tumblr peeps seem to reblog Amy Poehler a lot (and feminism a lot).

I think part of the way to really conquer sexism is for women to stop seeing each other as competition and starting working together. So often the media/movies/TV tries to pit women against each other as the enemy but really we should be allies against a culture that is the enemy.

I get really upset about how we talk about women/sports. As a woman who loves sports I'm bothered that the conversation always comes back to how attractive the woman is or isn't. I was impressed with the world a couple weeks ago with Abby Wambach broke Mia Hamm's record and all the chatter was positive and about her ability. I was like "Yay good job world" then the Bartoli thing happens and I'm like "Haven't we moved past this already?" But alas no.

Brittany Davis said...

I can think of so many instances in tennis (a sport I don't even watch) where women's bodies have been insulted for things that have nothing to do with competence. Like the fact that stuffing a bra and butt to make fun of Serena Williams is a thing that happened multiple times. Multiple times.
But really, no athlete is safe. Women MMA fighters are all judged for this same crap. Freaking MMA fighters get talked about for cuteness while their male counterparts for the most part look like angry potatoes.

Cassi Haggard said...

I've mainly noticed it with basketball and soccer. Men freak out when a basketball player is pretty like it's some magical unicorn and make jokes about Brittany Griner being masculine. In soccer Alex Morgan is more often talked about for being cute (and she's gorgeous) than the fact that she's an amazing striker. It's like being pretty comes first and talented comes second.

Women are still seen as something to be looked at. Women have been made sexual objects even when they are not trying to be and it's viewed as the norm not as a problem by most people.