Thursday, July 25, 2013

Follow Friday - You've read it. Now what?

Follow Friday is a feature created by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  It's a fun blog hop where you meet other book bloggers and find people to follow.
Question: What do you do with your books after you’re done reading them?
I mostly read ebooks nowadays, so those stay on the Kindle.  Other books I keep.  I can't seem to throw away or destroy a book in any way.  I have an audiobook that I ABSOLUTELY loathed (I even vlogged about it. Now I have haters. YAY) but I still have it.  Someone suggested donating it to Goodwill or the library but I honestly can't in good conscience let anyone else to suffer through that book but at the same time I can't knowingly destroy a book.  So for the moment it's on my shelf, wasting away until CD players go away or someone else throws it away for me.

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Merin said...

Not doing FF this week, but I tend to keep all the books I read as well, except when they're library books, obviously. I've never actually had a book that I absolutely hated, but I think if I did I would go ahead and donate it. I probably do need to go through and get rid of some books, but I have such a hard time imagining actually parting with them, even if I haven't read them in ages.

And I liked your FB page! :)

Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Oh wow. That's devotion! I would likely donate it the first chance I got! Which is what I do with books that bored me to tears or some such thing. Otherwise, I shelve them!

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Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :)

AlisonCanRead said...

Hopping through. Haha - I like your audiobook story. I haven't watched your vlog yet but I think it's funny (well, sorta sad) that it's garnered you haters. Of course, even if you made a vlog about how adorable puppies are you'd get haters on Youtube. Too many trolls.

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Donna @ The Happy Booker said...

I love that you took on a horde of angry James Patterson fans. This is good preparation for the zombie apocalypse!! I love audio books too, grab Neil Gaiman's narration of some of his own books like The Graveyard Book or The Ocean at the End of the Lane and that should wipe the horrific memory of badly narrated Patterson from your mind. I'm a new follower on FB and Bloglovin. :) Keep Vlogging!!
Donna @ The Happy Booker

Angelas Anxious Life said...

This is funny! I would probably just donate it to the library and let them make some money off of it. Funny that you have haters now. That is good right? Negative press is good press.. or at least I think it is.


Angela's Anxious Life

Lizzy Lessard said...

I donate all the books I hate hoping that somewhere out there, there is a reader who will like it. There has to be, right?

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Whit Martin said...

All of mine are pretty much on my kindle too. I seriously love having a kindle! New follower via bloglovin.


Nicole Hewitt said...

You should have a giveaway and warn people that you absolutely hated the book. Someone out there will still want it!

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Jessica Nicole said...

I read a lot of ebooks too, which actually makes me sad because I prefer reading physical books...oh well.

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Jessica @

Book Cove said...

Hello! Just cyber-hopping along! Now following -