Friday, June 28, 2013

Sexism and Feminism in Geekery 5

A couple weeks ago (this post was postponed due to bigger incidents) a few authors on twitter, all YA authors (where you know, there are no feminists or something according to that Jezebel article) were talking about what rape culture is.

I think this is powerful.  These women are telling the truth about their experience growing up female in a very sexist world.  They are speaking out about things that are not okay.  What's MOST important about this is their audience: young girls.  Sometimes I worry we don't tell young girls enough about sexism and rape culture as an attempt to protect them. Unfortunately, until the world is different you can't. This is what we're up against.

Like many things on twitter this started with Maureen Johnson (that instigator!)

Then other authors chimed in with stories about things that have happened to them.

These women are speaking out and saying "GIRLS THIS IS NOT OKAY" and I'm so happy their doing it openly on twitter where we can all see that this happens to smart, intelligent and awesome people.

And in case you missed it a few months ago Shannon Hale (who's books you should read if you don't know that) had an excellent post about what rape culture is.
Rape is not a woman's problem. It's everyone's problem. And as the news has shown us, the villains in rape aren't just the male rapists. The problem is created by everyone who stands by and doesn't speak, who lets things occur.

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