Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Eternity Cure (review)

3/5 stars

The Eternity Cure (Goodreads | Amazon) feels very much like a middle book.  Partially because it is a middle book, but also because I feel like the book doesn't get me anywhere plot-wise.  In some ways we're in the same place we were midway through book one.  Actually the more I think about it the more accurate that feels.

This is a typical Julie Kagawa book.  There's a lot of journeying too and fro and the next book will involve a lot of traveling.  This time, however, she skipped a whole section of the journey (shocking!). The things Kagawa does well, the best fight scenes in young adult, she still does well.  Her fight scenes are fast-paced and realistic, written like she's actually held a sword in her life rather than just as something she imagined.

Jackal is more developed and often a hilarious counterpoint to oh-so-serious and self loathing Allie.  He gets all the best lines and quips throughout the book.  Allie is still likable, though the self-loathing gets a little extreme in this book.  Surely she's dealt with those nasty "I'm a monster" feelings by the end of this book, right? (Let's hope so).

Overall this is a solid middle book.  This is still the only vampire story I've ever liked and I have every intention of continuing the series.  Whereas the book maybe felt like a middle-book throughout, the ending was a punch-you-in-the-face emotional roller-coaster from hell. In a totally good, well-written, adding the next book to be "to be read" shelf way.


Kara_Malinczak said...

I'm a little sad you didn't like this more. For me, this one was much better than the first book. I just loved the suspense and Allie grew on me so much more. I actually didn't like her that much in the first book. I think it's kinda cool how readers can take different things away from the books they read.

Cassi Haggard said...

The self loathing wore on me.

(I would say more but too much is spoilery).