Monday, December 3, 2012

Mountain Hollow Farm

Just wanted to share a little adventure I had recently.  Along with my friend Alena, we took a knitting field trip to Mountain Hollow Farm in Tazewell TN.  They have a knitting group that meets twice a week and we decided to join them for their Saturday session.

When they say, "Mountain Hollow Farm", it's not just a cutesy name invoking visions of sheep, yarn and all the knitting time in the world.  In fact, it's a working farm in a mountain hollow.  To get to Mountain Hollow you turn off the highway onto a small country road, then turn off the country road onto a small gravel road.  Be wary of other cars because passing is difficult.

When we arrived the official greater met us.  When I sat down my knitting bag he knew just what to do, plop himself down where he could not be ignored.

We met quite a few beautiful goats.  This one was probably the friendliest.  The goats at Mountain Hollow Farm are actually used to produce yarn.  So cute, cuddly and productive, how could you not love that face?

Yarn shops are always gorgeous, filled to the brink with colors and textures just begging to be taken home.  Mountain Hollow Farm had a nice selection, ranging from the pricey to quite fair (unless you like Walmart yarn and haven't experienced the glory of wool).  Yarn often gives me the puppy dog eyes, then somehow ends up going home with me and this place was no exception.

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