Monday, November 12, 2012

Notes from Nano 2012 - Day 12

Every November is a bit crazy.  Not because of the holidays, or work or anything else.  I choose to have a crazy November.  For the uninitiated,  November is National Novel Writing Month.  It's a crazy adventure where writers from all over the world attempt to write a 50,000 word novel.  It's creative, messy and the mental health professional probably aren't very fond of us.  But it's a great experience because writing is normally a solitary activity, but NanoWriMo makes it social.

This is just a Nano update about my experience.  I don't have the secret answer to winning NanoWriMo or any valuable writing advice.  There are plenty of published authors, agents and people who could give you better advice than me.

The Good

  • Want to give a shout out to some of my NanoWriMo friends. (Linking to twitters because that's where I'm getting most of my Nano encouragement).
    • Megan at Book Brats challenged me to a 5000 word Sunday to which at first I said "SAY WHAT" then after a moment said "GAME ON!"
    • Ash over at Typing Tiara already has 50K.  I know, right?  She's a badass novel writing queen.
    • Izabe the Red is now my official writing/drinking buddy.  Because two girls who love bourbon are meant to be friends.
    • Aethre - how many times have we done Nano together now?
  • Sundays are once again my biggest day.  Sunday morning, right after my cup of tea, is by far my most natural writing time.  This is something that I need to remember, not just for Nano and blogging but for all my writing endeavors   
  • I've discovered the ability to drink, watch football and write at the same time. I have no idea if the words are pretty but who says a girl can't have it all?
  • Lunch breaks are an excellent time to write because I'm less apt to waste time on the internet.

The Eh

  • Going to a UK game on opening night of NanoWriMo was probably not a good Nano decision but was a good life decision (especially since I caught up!)
  • Work seems to be trying to interfere with Nano. Boo!

The Procrastinations

  • Tumblr.  Last year someone (cough Anna Meade cough) talked me into getting Tumblr.  Now it's the best time-suck in the universe.  <3 <3 <3
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  -Of coures everything is climaxing in my favorite web series during November.  Hank Green, Jenni Powell, Bernie Su do you just hate me that much?  In light of Episode 60 aka Darcy Day I rewatched the entire series.  Any more of an explanation would involve spoilers.

The Bad

  • Blogging - I've discovered it's quite difficult to be a book blogger and do NanoWriMo.  I have to choose between reading and writing which just breaks my heart.
  • Exercise - Okay maybe I wasn't doing this anyways.
  • The forums - I miss the NanoWriMo forums.  But I'm having a hard time finding time to go enjoy the NanoWriMo community to it's fullest.  This makes me very sad.  Luckily there's a vibrant Nano community on twitter but I just can't seem to find my footing in the forums this year.
  • Pep Talks - Despite my best efforst I cannot get the pep talk sto come to my inbox.  I'm going to email someone at Nano about the problem. Life without pep talks is not a life that I want.


Mrs. Jones said...

Well, I wish you great luck!!! I know so many people doing NaNo this year, but I just couldnt do it.
I knew I wouldnt have the time!!

Im glad you have support, and sucks you cant fully enjoy/use/get all the benefits of- the forums!!
But I wish you great luck!

Nickie said...

Someone else recommended the 'Lizzie Bennet Diaries' as well, but I couldn't watch it last week! Stupid election ads kept playing on repeat and wouldn't let the video stream. I'll have to try it again this week.

Catie said...

Good for you, Cassi. I was too waffly to commit this year (not to mention - I had a serious case of FORF - Fear of Rejection and Failure). I am seriously rooting for all of you who are plugging away this month, though. Dare I ask what you are writing about? Is it fantasy? Contemporary? I know it has a cross-dressing girl.... Do I get any hints? :) Best of luck!