Friday, November 23, 2012

Follow Friday -Thankfulness

Follow Friday is a feature created by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  It's a fun blog hop where you meet other book bloggers and find people to follow.
What Blogs are you thankful for?
Oh goodness. I hate the idea of this question because I just know that I'll leave someone off.  There's a lot of blogs and bloggers I'm thankful for.  Without the encouraging and wonderful book blogging community I wouldn't have a book blog.

The Midnight Garden
I knew Wendy Darling over on Goodreads before I ever had a blog. She has always been one of the most kind and encouraging bloggers that I've known. 

The Readventurer
I love all these girls and this blog.  Flannery makes the best graphs, I find myself saying "heck yeah" to Tatiana's reviews and Catie is just a great friend/blogger/person.

Cuddlebuggery Book Blog
Steph and Kat run a GREAT blog.  It's hilarious, snarky and informative.  They're also really fun to talk to on twitter and Goodreads.

Kara is a great friend to bloggers everywhere--offering support when authors go cray-cray, retweeting posts and just generally being great to talk to. 

  The Nocturnal Library
Maja is quite the reviewer and her blog is excellent.

Typing Tiara
Ash is great.  She's fun to talk to and has good taste in books.


The Tournament of Heroines was one of the first blogging community events I experienced.  I represented Luna Lovegood and had a lot of fun.  I'm grateful for that opportunity.

Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

Mindy was my competition (representing Sophie from Hex Hall) in the Tournament of Heroines.  I could've not asked for a more classy competitor.  Some of the other match-ups were a little more feisty  but we became friends and I supported Sophie after Luna was knocked out.

Southern Book Bloggers ARC Tours

Love the ARC Tours for Southern bloggers. 

And yes there are more:  I have say that Megan at Book Brats is an excellent twitter companion and blogger.  I could not find a button on her site BUT she's great.  Forever YA is the first blog that I ever truly loved.  And of course I think we're all thankful for our Parajunkee & Alison Can Read. This blog hop has introduced me to say many great bloggers and that wouldn't have happened without you.

I'm sure I've forgotten somebody and I APOLOGIZE profusely.  My google reader is a hot-mess right now and I'm currently organizing and cleaning it up.


Megan at Book Brats said...

I'm totally not doing Follow Friday this week, but I must admit, after 18 months of blogging it never hit me to have a button. Well, it did, and I said, "Eh, tomorrow," and that was several months ago.

I think from now on we should just use

as our blog button. I think it fits well enough.

Kara_Malinczak said...

Thanks for the kind words, Cassi. I quite like you too. :) Thanks for chatting with me over Twitter. I don't know where I would be in my life without all of you wonderful bloggers. I consider many of you my real friends. I hope we get the chance to meet someday! And thank you for being a wonderful friend to me too.

Shane @ItchingforBooks said...

Those are some awesome bloggers. Cool picks:)

old follower

Unknown said...

Cool bloggers, thanks so much for sharing :) New follower :D


Pink Fluffy Hearts said...

Ohhh those are good picks! I totally need to check a few of those out! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Sara In Bookland said...

Thank you for stopping by! I followed back!

I see you have so many blogs you're thankful for! ^^

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

These blogs have such nice artwork. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Old follower.
Java With Jambor

Micheline said...

Nice choices! Some pretty awesome blogs/bloggers in there :D Thanks for sharing. Old follower - here's my FFF this week

Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

OOh nice!! I know one of these blogs, they all look awesome though!

Here's my Follow Friday

Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :)

Anonymous said...

I know a few of those blogs and yes they are amazing! :)

Old follower!

~Stephanie @ Bookfever

Alisa Selene said...

It is hard to pick just one! Old follower!