Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mark of the Golden Dragon (review)

3.5/5 stars

The Mark of the Golden Dragon was better than expected, though I must admit my expectations were low.  I'd been warned that if I expect resolution this was not that book.  The Jacky Faber story keeps going in circles.  They are fun romps, but never-ending cycles that don't advance the plot forward.

However I gave Jacky a long break.  Months and months.  In this book Jacky herself claims that she's best in small doses and I'm thinking that maybe she's right.  So for Jacky Faber fans who are growing tired of her running around in circles, leading Jamie on and never growing up I had advice for you. Take a break between books.  Listen to something else.  Give Jacky a few months to fade from your mind.  Then when you come back enjoy the high sea adventures, fun flirtations and everything we love about Jacky.

Aside from the break, this book had a few things in it's favor from the start.  Lord Richard Allen is one of my favorite Jacky flirtations.  He's older, dashing, snarky and I love him. So I'm automatically biased towards book with him in it.  So when you're deciding how you'll like this book, consider how much you like Lord Richard Allen.

I always enjoy books where Jaimy actually does things.  That may sound silly, but sometimes I feel like he's off on a ship somewhere just writing love letters to Jacky.  Though he and Jacky are separated,  and there are letters, he's got a big part to play in this book.  Jaimy has gone mad with grief, turned into a  highwayman.  There's some entertainment value to that, especially since he's seeking revenge upon some of our favorite villains.

The problem with this series is not that the books aren't enjoyable.  They are, especially in audiobook form narrated by the incomparable Katherine Kellgren.  However after the first few books each subsequent book seems to start at point A and end at point A.  There is no forward progress.

As expected at the end of Golden Dragon we were back in exactly the same position we'd been before.  It's entertaining, but like Jaimy I've reached the point in my relationship with Jacky where I want more than she seems to be willing to offer.  Despite my misgivings, I know Jacky has a way of bouncing back so I haven't given up on this series yet. I doubt I ever will.

If you like Jacky Faber, stick around.  Later this week I will review Jacky's 10th adventure Viva Jacquelina!


Catie said...

Well...I've had almost a two year break from Jacky. Maybe it's safe to test the waters again? I'm sure that, if nothing else, Katherine Kellgren can make it palatable for me. I'm bummed that there isn't much resolution in this book though. Come on, L.A. Meyer!!! It's time to end it!!! Great review, Cassi.

Cassi Haggard said...

I would say you're probably ready. I hate that this series is dragging on and on. I'm hoping that they're ending with book number 12 (because 10th wasn't the end and 11 is just an odd number)