Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Glacier Day 2 (photos)

With great sadness we say goodbye to my vacation.  Or am I the only one completely heartbroken?  Yes I've been in the real world for a couple of weeks now.  But looking back and selecting pictures to share on my blog was almost like pretending I was on vacation.  These are from my last day in Glacier.  I highly recommend this park to anyone who likes nature and beautiful scenery.  It's a must visit!  Hope you haven't minded the non-book posts and maybe I've inspired you to take a trip of your own.

It was kind of creepy walking around Lake McDonald.
There was a forest fire a few years ago &
it felt a bit like a tree graveyard.

Avalanche Lake is one of the busiest hikes I've ever seen.
As you can see, it's totally worth it. Incredible place.

This is my new thing.
Doing handstands in famous places.

I have no idea who these people are but this is one of my favorite pics.
Except that lady in orange. Why'd she have to move?

Enjoying the cold water at Avalanche Creek.  

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