Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garden Update 6/13/12

I don't do this very often because this is a book blog.  But since I do read a lot of gardening books, sometimes my garden is the true review of what I've read or more likely what I've retained.  This year's garden is the most successful year thus far!  I also read a lot more gardening books during the winter (even taking notes!).  I think I had a breakthrough in understanding fertilization this year. Here are the results.

The first cucumbers from my garden have arrived.

Dwarf pepper plant. The pepper is starting to ripen.

This is what collard greens do when you skip a day of watering. They'll be fine tomorrow.

Beautiful green lettuce.

RIPE TOMATO! (Well in a few days)
New compost bin! Yep this is a b-day gift for a gardener.


Catie said...

How cool! Your cucumbers are hilarious. Don't they taste so different when they're from the garden? I was shocked when we grew them for the first time a few years back. They're so much...sweeter or something. It's hard to describe! We are experimenting with a lot of new things this year and I'll have to let you know how it goes. The weather has been so temperate. I bet we'll get a nice haul. Great pictures!

Cassi Haggard said...

I have another wonky cucumber in the garden that needs picking. Based on old wives tales I was not picking any cucumbers last week.

I think everything is better from the garden. I particularly love tomatoes picked fresh.

I love experimenting with plants. I'm doing it too. I'm thinking it'll be majority successful with some failures on the experiments this year.