Monday, May 7, 2012

Why are you not watching this?

Book loving friends I wanted to share this with you. Before I spent loads of time on goodreads and hanging around book blogs I spent a lot of time on YouTube.  For me, it hasn't been the same since Lonelygirl15 ended.  Part of that is because I went through a long spell with an unreliable computer and internet connection that could not cope with YouTube.  I still watched Vlogbrothers and a few other things when I could get my computer to work well enough.  But I missed the simple vlog storytelling style of a cute funny girl talking to a webcam.

Then Hank Green and Bernie Su created this series.  It's Pride & Prejudice, only modern and told via YouTube.  I am completely enamored with this series.  I didn't even realize how much I was missing this style of show until I started watching.  So I am recommending it to everyone.

There are 9 episodes already on youtube so I recommend going and checking them out: Lizzie Bennet's youtube channel  Right now it's fun to see what changes in the modernization of the adaption.  I'm tempted to re-read Pride & Prejudice to follow along. 


Catie said...

Thanks Cassi! I had heard seen other bloggers chatting about the show but I had no idea what it was about before. Just watched the first episode - SO CUTE. I love that Charlotte is the sarcastic Asian bff. And "Lydia" = too funny! I'm going on a marathon!

veela-valoom said...

Isn't it though? So far Lydia is a hilarious highlight. The latest episode "Single and Happyish" I was like "Lizzie Bennett we could so be BFFs." Hope you like the marathon. I love that youTube marathons are so easy & quick.