Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Month of Me - The freedom to read anything!

If you follow my blog you might've noticed a slight change this month. Or more likely you didn't.  Eventually you might notice that all the books I'm reviewing this month have already been published (most of them awhile ago).

Sometimes as a blogger I get galley-fatigue (and I don't even get that many galleys!). It's not because I don't love them.  I do! Without galleys I would never have discovered great books like Cinder or The Butterfly Clues.  The fatigue comes from looking at my "To-be-read" shelf over on goodreads.  I keep adding books and never finding the time to read them. Sometimes I put aside highly anticipated releases because I've overbooked myself with galleys.  Goliath by Scott Westerfeld sat on my shelf for over 6 months waiting for me!  I try to make time for one published book a month but for a bookworm that's not nearly enough.  Luckily because my job involves a lot of driving, audiobooks help fill the gap.

Starting back in the fall I formed a plan.  When I looked at my reading schedule (yes I keep a calendar of release dates. Don't judge me!) I realized that I didn't have anything scheduled for May.  My birthday is during May.  So I decided to do a month long birthday celebration where reading whatever I wanted was my present to myself.  There is no real organization.  They might be books from my TBR shelf. I might buy them at bookstores. They might be things that randomly catch my eye at the library.  There is no rhyme or reason, just complete freedom to read.

Sometimes I feel like that's exactly what every reader (be they blogger or student or overworked professional) needs the opportunity to take a moment to remind themselves why they love reading.  I remember reading Pride & Prejudice for a course on Romanticism during college.  It'd been months since I'd had time to read a book for fun.  Even though it was an assignment, I devoured it like a person starving for fiction.

So far I've read Stolen (review here), Ultraviolet (review coming), Goliath (reviewish thing here), Hexed and today I picked up 3 books from the library. It's been wonderful, glorious and relaxing experience.  I recommend it to every reader.  Heck if you want my hastily thrown together button modified for your birthstone (or month of choice) just leave me a comment and I'll make you one.  I feel that strongly that everyone should make time for the books that they really love.


SF said...

This sounds like a truly excellent idea. And...I have had almost NO time to read for fun lately...but my birthday's in July...so I think I could do it!

*contemplates the glorious possibilities*

I really like this attitude. Enjoy your "month of me"!

Catie said...

I really do love this idea Cassi, and I will be joining you next year for sure. And you don't even need to make me a button - same birth stone!

Cassi Haggard said...

Susan if you want the button recolored for July just let me know. It's a really fun and good idea. I'm enjoying the freedom still halfway through the month.

Catie: Yay for May babies. We are the best aren't we?