Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A couple brief reviews

4/5 stars

Brilliant and poetic look at a girl descending into the pit of anorexia.  I have never read a more terrifying book  Horror doesn't scare me because I don't believe in ghosts/monsters.  Anorexia is much scarier than any fictional monster because I know that it is real.  Worth reading.  The narration is good but I think I'd read this rather than listen to it.  At times I was confused with the structure, which I guessing is written in more poem than prose form.

Every Little Thing in The World
3/5 stars

This was an issue book.  No getting around that.  I found the main character quite frustrating because she was so indecisive.  But she was self-aware of her tendency to let things happened to her and tried to work through that.  It was interesting to see Sydney struggle to deal with her pregnancy and struggle to make the huge decision about whether to have the baby or have an abortion.

I spent 4 years in college as a camp counselor.  I had believability issues with this camp.  They didn't really pay attention to safety...at all.  As a contemporary novel you have to at least attempt to create a summer camp that could feasibly exist without getting sued every summer.

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I appreciate finding honest review of interesting books. Thanks for sharing!