Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bourbon Trail - vacation part 2

On the last day of my mini-vacation I decided to drive up to Bardstown and visit a couple of bourbon distilleries.  I'm not much of a drinker. I've found a particular wine that I like which I continue to buy because it's predictably good and you can buy in small one-person sized bottles. That's pretty much where my knowledge of alcohol starts and stops.  But I love anything Kentucky--the history, the culture, the local products, etc. And what are we known for? Bourbon.

Heaven Hills Distillery. The scent of this place was AMAZING.
I want my house to smell like a bourbon rick house.
Except apparently it's illegal to make bourbon scent sprays. Drats!

Bourbon Barrels at Heaven Hill.

My town just recently came out of prohibition.
So the Bourbon tour information (biased or not) on prohibition was interesting.
It made me think of aspects I hadn't such as how prohibition proceeded the Great Depression. 

Covered Bridge over Whisky Creek at Maker's Mark. This place was absolutely adorable. 

Maker's Mark cuteness

They really do hand dip every single bottle of Maker's Mark in the signature red wax.

Bourbon tasting. The samples are really small but it's nice.
Then you get a bourbon ball afterwards (my favorite part) 

This is a highly recommended trip. It's cultural, fun and best of all free!  I learned a little bit of a history, a bit more about Kentucky and a lot about bourbon.  Normally I find tour groups frustrating but distillery tours were a pleasant surprise.  The groups were relaxed and festive.  Even by myself it was really nice. 


Flannery Anderson said...

That is so cool about the wax--I guess I thought it was mechanically done and/or totally fake. Everywhere looks very picturesque. Great pictures, Cassi!

veela-valoom said...

After the bourbon tour you can dip your own bottle in the wax. So now I have a bottle of Maker's Mark that I can't decide when to open because I'm also sentimental about it.