Monday, March 26, 2012

Sisters of Glass (review)

3/5 stars

Sisters of Glass was an impulse request over at Netgalley.  The cover is beautiful and whimsical.  That combined with the fact it's set in Venice, one of my favorite places, convinced me to request a book that did not sound like me.  After seeing a couple of low reviews I felt even more duped.

However, even though Sisters of Glass is not a great book it was a pleasant read.  It felt more like a novella in length.  It was written in verse but the verse didn't really feel like poetry.  It felt like quite lovely prose with unnecessary line breaks.  Also I wasn't sure why the book was written in verse.  (Part of me suspects this is a ploy to make it seem longer but I am a conspiracy theorist).

But the writing was quite pretty and artistic.
For the past several months
I have been treated
more delicately
than the Doge's chandelier
I cannot go near
the furnace lest my skin
be burnt or browned.
It's a story of two sisters, the eldest and the youngest, who's lives are disrupted by their father's unconventional will.  He bestows the rights of the eldest daughter, a large dowry and marriage to a senator, on his younger daughter.  It creates a rift between the sisters.  When their father passes away his wishes become unchangeable in the form of a legal will.

Even though there's some sisterly competition and pettiness, eventually the sisters united and work towards a common goal.  That made me happy because I get frustrated with all the girl-on-girl hatred that you see in books, television and movies.

The climax is rather anti-climatic.  There's a dilemma! Anger! Then a very simple and easy solution which makes everybody happy.  Don't you wish real life was like that? The book is fairly predictable and simple love story.  The book felt unnecessary, but it was sweet and harmless.  If you're looking for a simple story with a happy ending and really like books in verse, it's worth giving a chance.  I expect there are some people who will really like this book.

When I was in Switzerland volunteering at Our Chalet (A Girl Scout/Girl Guide World Center). I took 4 days off to go to Venice (by myself).  I really enjoyed the Venice references in this book.  My biggest regret is not making it to the island of Murano, but since I was only in Venice for 2 days (traveling for the other 2) there just wasn't time.  Here are few of pictures from Venice.

This is me in Venice.

Doge's Palace

An artist working with glass


_yay_ said...

I have yet to read a book written in verse. Do you think this might be a good one to start with? At least it seems to be a good choice.
Maybe the simplicity of the story is it's beauty. If one is in the mood - there's nothing better than such a light read w/ an happy ending (even though real life isn't *that* easy).
_yay_ @ BookthatThing!

veela-valoom said...

It's a very short book so it might be a good place to start. You wouldn't have much time invested if you decided verse wasn't for you.

Another good book in verse (though decidedly not light) is Under the Mesquite. It's a much sadder book. Review here:

veela-valoom said...

Under the Mesquite

It'd probably help if I make a link you could click on.