Sunday, March 11, 2012

Books to movies: Why so stuck on appearances?

Recently I was hanging out on Tumblr (I am an expert at wasting time online) looking through Hunger Game gifs.  I kept seeing pictures of Josh Hutcherson with his natural dark hair, then pictures of him with his blonde hair.  Honestly, the brunette suits him.

Then I started thinking. Why in the world does his hair color matter?  Then I started feeling guilty and little bit shallow.  When I tried to mentally cast Peeta I kept looking for blue eyed, blonde haired boys.  I was stuck on the books description of his physical appearance, not the description of his personality.

Why do looks matter so much to us as readers?  Of course when we read a boy like Peeta Mellark we translate the description into whatever we find most of attractive.  Then we get mad when the casting does not live up to our impossibly high standards. Shouldn't the acting ability and the audition matter more than the physical features?  Does Peeta's beautiful blonde hair have any relevance to the plot?  No. Even though it's  not the "seam" look, his blonde hair is just that, hair.  It shouldn't matter when compared to his charisma and wit.

Us readers like to think that the follies of caring about physical appearance belong more to the TV and movie watchers.  But whenever a book becomes a movie, fans are up in arms over the casting decisions, normally based on physical appearance alone (because it's not like we've seen the auditions).  This is not me trying to be preachy, more a confession.  Its something I just realized I was guilty of.

I'm honestly not complaining about how he looks as Peeta.

He's a good looking kid both blonde and brunette.


Tatiana (The Readventurer) said...

I was so attached to the image of Peeta in my head that I totally hated Josh for the role in the beginning. I've come to my senses since. Acting skills is what should matter.

veela-valoom said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's thought about this. (Also happy you are on board with Josh. Though I am totally biased for all Kentuckians)

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