Monday, February 27, 2012

My Gardening book obsession

This year I feel like I've actually arrived on-time to the gardening party. Normally it hits about March, with the sun shining when I'm already behind.  Thanks to the abnormally warm winter (never mind the 6 inches of snow we got last weekend the garden bug bit me early this year.  Here are some of the book I've been reading.

The Quarter Acre Farm
This book is genuinely fun to read.  If you're looking for a "how to" guide this isn't the book for you.  But if you enjoy reading about one woman's adventure in gardening this is a wonderful book.  Spring Warren decided to attempt to grow 75% of the food she ate out of her garden.  There are successes, failures and mishaps, all of which are great fun to read.  It's more inspiration and entertaining than practical, but it was a great way to start the gardening season.

Vegetable Gardener's Handbook
This book isn't one you really "read" it's more of a journal with dates and a timeline.  I used the libraries copy to create a planting calendar.  If it turns out well then maybe I'll buy my own copy.  It's a practical sort of book.  I probably wouldn't recommend it as your first gardening book but maybe as a companion to your first gardening book. (Your first gardening book should inspire you in my opinion).

Gardening with Heirloom Seeds
Now this is where I'm beginning to question the sanity of my reading. I grow very few plants from seeds. I tried...and failed pretty epically last year at the seed starting.  But really, I loved reading this book.  I found the origins of plants fascinating.  Heirloom seeds carry a certain history with them that the book captured.  I only read the the vegetable portions (I'm really not a flower gardener).

I've still got two more books from the library on my reading list.  The Kitchen Garden (which has lovely pictures) and The Profitable Hobby Farm even though I have no real intentions of making money off my small garden. I'm just curious.

You Grow Girl
This is my first gardening book recommendation to everyone. It's inspirational and practical without being intimidating.  I use both this and Grow Great Grub as my go to gardening books.  You can read my You Grow Girl review here.

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