Monday, February 20, 2012

Fairy Ring - Flash fiction contest

So this is not something I normally do on my blog.  Even though I enjoy writing, this is a book review blog not a writing blog.  But my friend Anna has been poking, goading and reminding me on twitter about her writing contest celebrating the release of The Fairy Ring by Mary Losure.  Never let it be said that I am unwilling to embarrass myself for the sake of my friends.

A Faery in Kentucky

When I was little, my papaw used to talk about faeries that lived in the woods behind our house.  We never paid him any attention.  He always told tall tales, it went with the moonshine—both making and drinking it.

Then one day I was wading in the creek when something tapped my shoulder.  When I turned around no one was there.  Another tap and I spun around, slipping on a mossy stone and splashing in the water.  Then he appeared, pointing at me and laughing.

Climbing out of the creek, I chased him, following his tinkling laughter through the trees.  He flew faster than a hummingbird, staying just within sight then darting away.  That’s why I didn’t notice the hole until I fell, crashing down to the cave floor.

When I looked around I couldn’t see anything except the beam of sunshine coming from the ceiling.  With horror I remembered a story my brother told me, about a hog that fell into a mash pit. It died before anyone found it.  Behind me, the faery giggled.

“That was very nice.”  With my hands on my hips, I tried to look like my mother when she was angry.

He cocked his head to the side, puzzled.

“I could’ve died!"

He flitted towards the ceiling like he expected me to follow.  After a moment he came down, then flew in another direction.  I followed his glowing wings.  It was dark in the cave and I smacked into something metal.  Papaw’s old still! The faery kept flying circles around the room.  Ignoring him I started feeling around until I found an old wooden ladder.  It was homemade and heavy.  I pushed it up against the opening and climbed out.  Another tap on my shoulder but when I turned the faery was gone.

If you're interesting in the contest here's the details & other entries


Steven Paul Watson said...

You had me at "Faery in Kentucky." :) Very well done.

veela-valoom said...

Thank you! I need to read yours. It's amazing what Anna can talk us into isn't it?

Donna B. McNicol said...

After having watched the end of the season of Moonshiners, I got a kick out of this. Great job!

veela-valoom said...

There's moonshining in my family history. The hog story is actually old family legend.


Steven Paul Watson said...'s a KY thing.....there is history with moonshining in my family as well o.O lmao

Unknown said...

Anna can talk who into what? Rather glad I did or this little piece wouldn't be in existence ;)

Thanks for entering, Cassi!

veela-valoom said...

I have old newspaper articles about Ole Tip Carne's moonshine still. They're scanned but I've never put them online anywhere.

You're welcome Anna. Twas a fun little experiment.

The RambleInn said...

I loved this! I miss my "papaw" who was full of tall tales and rich lore from the back hills of TN. Wonderful, captivating, warming!

Becky Fyfe said...

This was really fun to read. I love the childlike fairy and how it doesn't seem to understand how it's playing could be unwanted. Well done!

veela-valoom said...

Thank you! Glad you like it.

Bookluvr Mindy said...

I wish I had talent like that! Nicely done!

veela-valoom said...

Thanks Mindy! (Though I am absolutely sure you have plenty of talent yourself)