Sunday, December 18, 2011

Team Sophie (Tournament of Heroines)

So those who have followed the Tournament of Heroines over at the YA sisterhood know that my dear Luna Lovegood got beat out by Sophie Mercer from Hex Hall.

You might think that I'd throw my support between Katniss, an obvious favorite for obvious reasons.  But let me tell you a secret.  When I first got selected to be an advocate for the Tournament of Heroines, Sophie was the first name I looked for on the list. I totally skimmed past Luna (there was a Luce & I think that blurred in my mind).  Sophie was already taken but when I saw Luna Lovegood I was like "HECK YEAH" because that's something I could totally get behind.

Then when she got pitted against Sophie, one of my fave YA ladies, I didn't mind.  Because I believed in everything Luna Lovegood represented.  But here's the thing.  Sophie represents something similar.  Yes she's got pretty badass magical powers. But to me Sophie is more than just a powerful witch.  She's not the obvious sort of heroine--she's not a Katniss or a Katsa.

Sophie's actually just the witch version of a teenage delinquent, meaning she hasn't quite figured out how to control her powers and she's been sent away to the juvie version of Hogwarts.

When I think about what makes Sophie heroic, what actually sticks out to me the most is Sophie's friendship with her roomate Jenna.

Jenna is a pink-haired outcast who happens to be a vampire and also happens to be gay.  The other magical folk aren't too fond of vampires--they're considered "unfortunates" and unnatural.  Jenna's at Hex Hall as an experiment in accepting others.  Guess how well that's turning out?

Sophie does want all those things everyone wants in high school--popularity and a hot boyfriend.  And at first she's a little iffy of this Jenna character.  I mean, she's a VAMPIRE.  What if she tries to suck her blood or kills her?  Plus there are rumors about Jenna's last roomate who ended up dead.

But Sophie stands by her friend.  Even though she's committing social suicide, even though she might want to drink Sophie's blood.  That's the type of high school heroics I can also get behind!  Maybe Katniss can bring an opponent down with one shot and ignited a revolution (though let's be honest, she didn't really mean to).  But you know, that feels more fictionalizes and Sophie's heroics more realistic.

A vote for Sophie is a way of saying HECK YEAH to the Heroines who aren't the strongest or even the smartest, but the ones who make the right choices.  Being a heroine is about more than being tough and strong.  Being a heroine is about standing up against bullying and staying loyal to your friends.  That's why this #TeamLuna advocate is throwing her support behind #TeamSophie.  I want to broaden the definition of heroine, beyond the Katniss's to the heroics we can replicate in our everyday life.

Come Friday I hope you'll all join me in voting for Sophie Mercer!


Jessica said...

Great post and I agree with you all the way! I love Sophie! :)

veela-valoom said...

Hope you're voting for Sophie on Friday! Even though my characters out I'm glad to be able to root for someone I love as much as Sophie.

Bookluvr Mindy said...

You totally ROCK for doing this post and support Sophie on twitter!

veela-valoom said...

Any time! You know how I feel about Hex Hall (and Sophie AND Archer...and everyone in this book)