Friday, December 16, 2011

My Fair Godmother (review)

3.5/5 stars

This book is just so cute. It reminds me of my purple sparkly Christmas tree (in a good way - I love my Christmas tree). It's TRYING to be lighthearted, silly and doesn't want you to take it seriously. If you're looking for something deep and brilliant maybe you didn't notice the pink haired fairy on the cover?

Lately I'm into fairytales. My current obsession with Once Upon A Time is probably the reason. But not all fairytales are made equally. Some have more serious undertones (Once Upon a Time & Cinder my most recent book review). This book is different-- silly like a late night slaphappy slumber party with my best friend. Sometimes that's just what I need.

That's not to say this book doesn't have any heart. The story of Savannah and Jane, two sisters who aren't speaking because plain-Jane did teen movie makeover magic (not the real kind of magic, just the kind that you've seen in practically every movie) and stole her sister's boyfriend. This book starts out a little teasingly, like it's going to follow Jane's story.  It makes her sympathetic and likable not just a man-stealing sister.  Then suddenly it pulls the switcheroo and starts following Savannah's point of view. Savannah starts out a little more unsympathetic than Jane.  Savannah's pretty, popular and a little ditzy. It's not that she's a "mean girl" but she's a pretty girl who takes being popular for granted.  But that doesn't make her stupid, or not a good person (she was very kind to Jane right up until she stole her boyfriend).  Maybe just a little lazy.
"Well, what kind of guys do you think half-wit girls get in life? Do you think intelligent guys want to hang out with stupid girls for very long? I would have thought you'd already learned that lesson with the whole Hunter and Jane thing.....(cont.) If you had admired any other qualities you would have developed them in yourself wouldn't you?" -Chrissy, the Fair Godmother
Then a "Fair" (Notice this is not a good or great) godmother gets involved. She's not very good at listening, impatient and due to her ineptitude Savannah's wishes always turn into disasters. For some reason she's stuck on the idea of sending Savannah back to the middle ages where she learns that fairytales are not everything they are cracked up to me.  There also might be a little lesson about trying to take shortcuts in life (hidden behind talking about the dangers of using magic to get what you want).
"Did you think wishes were like kittens, that all they were going to do was purr and cuddle with you?"
This book is a big silly and frothy, but with a dab of friendship and forgiveness thrown in.  If you're ever in a funk this is the perfect book to perk you up.

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