Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Heroine Tourney BRIBES - Vote Luna

So if you're following the YAsisterhood's Tournament of Heroines much you will notice that authors are resorting to bribery to get their characters through the first round.

I cannot bribe you as they can. I can not offer you additional scenes (unless you want fanfiction, and I feel like those days are behind me. Not going to deny that I wrote fanfiction once upon a time & they still exist on the internet) or any super secret book related stuff. Because um...I didn't write the books and JK Rowling never seems to tweet. (Actually I think she tweeted one message on repeat for awhile).

But then I thought "What can I do?" and came up with 2 things I have going for me. I can knit fairly well (the scarves pictured above are actually very early knitting projects) and I have a case of Girl Scout cookies in my closet.

Here is my bribe
If Luna WINS against Sophie on Friday I will pick one RANDOM supporter (you need to comment on this blog) to make a Harry Potter item of their choice. It can be a scarf, hat or armwarmers. We can discuss pattern, house color and any other requests later.

AND for another random supporter I will send a box of slightly old Girl Scout cookies (from this past spring). My current selection includes Lemonades, Peanut butter patties (Tag-a-longs) and Carmel Delites (Somoas). I may even be able to scrounge up some Thin Mints.

To enter
1. Comment on this post
2. Tweet in support of Luna Lovegood #HeroineTourney
3. Vote for Luna in the Tournament (honor system obviously)
4. Have an address that I can mail to via my post office


Unknown said...

Well, awesome! I showed Luna some support this morning :)

I will take bribes anyday LOL

supagurlheather @ gmail . com

Aeicha @ Word Spelunking said...

Bribes are always helpful uh? ;)
Those scarves are about as awesome as Luna! Hermione may be my number one girl, but Luna comes in a close second.

I'v tweeted and voted, hoping to show my Team Luna support!
My tweet:!/WordSpelunker/status/145322576196009984

Good luck!
:) Aeicha

Amanda Nicole said...

I adore Luna. <3 I just voted now! :) My email is in my blogger profile.

Bookluvr Mindy said...

I commented on this post yesterday! Why didn't it take??? Anyways, I asked you if you crochet or knit?

I have a friend that has an amazing pattern for scarves and she won't share the info. So she has been selling them. I have a button on my blog that takes whoever is interested, into her blog.

veela-valoom said...

THANKS TO EVERYONE for your help! I've decided that I'm still going to send out Girl Scout cookies because it was such a close wait. Deciding about the knitting. I couldn't have done nearly as well without all of your help!

Mindy: It's on the other Team Luna post I believe. But to answer your question I knit, taught myself during college. Tried to learn crocheting but it just didn't work for me. I get most of my knitting patterns off of ravelry or blogs for free. I only buy a pattern if I absolutely can't live without the finished product.