Monday, November 14, 2011

Fangirling is FUN! (Hunger Games Trailer reaction)

So today the Hunger Games trailer was released:

In the beginning I was skeptical that a Hunger Games movie adaption would work. Mainly because the book is so violent, but the first person POV serves as a lens through which the viewer sees the violence. Then I decided that being skeptical wasn't very fun so I just wanted to enjoy everything leading up to the Hunger Games movie. If it was bad, at least I had fun beforehand.

With the release of this trailer, Now I'm completely 100% sold and excited. It's hard to quantify why the trailer works so well. For me, the best thing about this trailer is that it makes me FEEL a lot of emotions VERY strongly.

The Reaping is perfect. You can feel the terror and dread of the moment. It's everything, from the background music, to the way they are slowly slumping towards the podium like they're walking towards a death sentence (and in a sense they're all aware that it could be). The colors are grey, the sky overcast. Effie sticks out like a sore pink thumb in the midst of all the struggling working class people. Then they draw Prim's name and Katniss volunteers. That moment is like a punch in the gut. You feel for Katniss, her terror in the moment when her sister is walking forward, then you feel for Prim as she's being pulled away knowing she'll probably never see Katniss again.

Like I said this trailer made me FEEL. (Some people actually say they cried but I am not much of a cryer, but I can see how they had that reaction).

Then there's the capitol, all shiny, perfect and foreign especially compared to the poverty we've already witnessed in District 12. And Gale sets it up the premise of the Hunger Games. All they want is a good show, children dying for the entertainment of those who live in the capitol. It's horrifying and it should be.

Then there's that moment between Katniss and Peeta. Anyone who knows me very well knows that what I've been waiting for is to see Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. Unlike a lot of others, I have a lot of faith that he's perfect for the role. So I've been waiting to see him as Peet and be like "LOOK I'm right!!!" (Yes I want to gloat, shush). So yeah, even though there wasn't enough Peeta I'm very happy with what we saw. (For the record I never think there's enough Peeta).
"I just keep wishing that there was a way to show them that they don't own me. If I'm going to die, I still want to be me." Peeta Mellark.
I think the trailer made a lot of good choices. I like the fact that it set-up the story. A lot of people have no clue what The Hunger Games books are about. Because it's a popular YA novel they think it's just Twilight version 2.0. My opinions about Twilight aside that couldn't be further from the truth. Saying paranormal and a dystopian are the same makes my book loving heart break. To me this trailer says "Be prepared. This is a violent, heartbreaking movie but it's not just about violence for the sake of violence." I was also abundantly happy that all the love triangle drama was nowhere in sight.

This trailer emphasized The Hunger Games, not the violence but the fear, terror and everything leading towards the games. It captured Katniss, not as a badass heroine, but as a loving sister who's trying to win the games to go home to her family. It set-up Peeta as a reluctant competitor trying to find a way to outsmart the game. Not necessarily to survive, but to prove a point. It also sets up Peeta and Katniss as the type of competitors who could inspire a revolution. That's smart. The trailer is setting-up book one, but already thinking towards Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

Frankly I'm going to have to be honest. I had pretty low expectations for this trailer after the teaser trailer. Then BAM it surpassed expectations that I didn't dream about having. It captured the right mood and emotion for The Hunger Games. Honestly, I think we're going to get a better movie than I ever expected. And you know what? I'm EXCITED!

Wanted to share some tweets I saw from authors and agents that made me abundantly happy in the fangirling today.

These 2 made me happy because they are more objective opinions that I have (and 2 people who I very much enjoy following and respect). Follow literaticat and Erin Bow yourself to find out why.

Then there's TaherehMafi (follow HER!) who so often says what I am feeling and thinking, yet she's so much more funny than I ever hope to be.

May the odds ever be in this movies favor


Wendy Darling said...

I rather liked the reaping scene in the trailer, too--should be interesting to see how it all turns out. I'm glad you feel better about the film now!

veela-valoom said...

I thought the reaping scene was well done and capture the correct tone for the movie. I hope they follow-thru with that whole vibe.