Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yes I've been quiet...

So I've been quiet lately and you might be wondering where I've been (or you might not have noticed at all. Either way is good with me). Work has been super busy and I got into a fiction writing mood. I've been editing and adding scenes to what I refer to as last years pre-Nano. That is, a story that hit me a month before NanoWriMo last year and needed
to be written ASAP. So I wrote a Sept/Oct novel last year then my November Nano. Yes sometimes I'm a crazy person but that's part of my charm.

There was a super secret knitting project (aka Yarnbombing)
Only it didn't happen because my partner in crime got busy.
So I spent some unnecessary time knitting cheap yarn. Le sigh.

Teaching Troop Camp Training at Cumberland Falls
This involves lots of prep & is exhausting.
It was also like 34 degrees & really cold.

At the beginning of troop camp training I had a slight cold.
By the end I had a HORRIBLE cold & could not really function.
Which led to the best waste of time EVER....

When I was sick I wasn't very productive.
However I did discover that I actually LIKE a vampire story.
This picture is only somewhat gratuitous. It's from The Vampire Diaries.

Today I had an event at this beautiful place called Homeplace.
I feel in love with this tree. It's SOO cool.
Anyone know what it is? Or whats the deal with the knobby roots?

Another picture to show you the size.

Stopped at Levi Jackson State Park on way back.
(This is where I walk every day, be jealous)

Oh Fall. I love thee. The world is just so vibrant.

Soon this will eat my soul. Just giving you a heads up.
I still plan to blog but you know how plans go.

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