Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation part 1: Hike in Athens OH

I probably won't be posting many book-related things this week. I'm on vacation. First I went and visited my best friend who lives in Athens Ohio (it took me years to visit her and now I'm not sure why!). Like any of my adventures, one of the first things we did was go hiking. The trail was called Rockhouse Trail and it's close to her house. Sells Park? Something like that? I forgot to take a picture of the sign and see what happens, I don't know where I am.

Strange windchime that was along the trail without any explanation.
I'm assuming it's a public art project of some kind.
(I should mention it's massive)

This is probably my favorite picture.
I was channeling Ivy from Soulless.

I may have went off trail for awhile. We found blackberries.
We also forgot to pack lunch & I was starving.

Weird rock formation.
Maggie compared it to a belly-button.

I'm not sure why I do the things that I do.
Sounded like a good idea at the time.

We also walked around "The Ridges" which is a closed insane asylum (outside, I'm a law abiding citizen). I'll try to post some of the pictures/research we did afterwards. It was a sad place.

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