Monday, July 18, 2011

Tiny garden update (literally)

Friends I think I need gardening advice. See those onions tiny? See a fair sized tomato. But see those LITTLE BITY THINGS...Pimento peppers. I don't understand why this is happening.

The small onions don't bother me that much because they are perfect for scrambled eggs. But I'd kind of like to know how to grow a big honking onion. But I don't understand why my peppers are smaller than the dime sitting next to them. This seems horribly wrong. I do not use miracle-grow, only composted cow-maure or organic compost from k-mart (yes probably not the best but I'm not allowed to compost where I live). I'm ending up with lots of little fruit. Any advice on how to fix this problem?

(There's a reason that I didn't post pictures of my actual garden. It's rather unpretty right now. My week at camp and then vacation made the weeds very happy and the plants not so happy. My parents watered them but I could not ask for much more. Nothing completely died. That's good right?)

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