Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photo update of my Garden

So my garden hasn't done much interesting yet. The sugarsnaps look healthy & happy but no peas. I'm blaming the unusually wet spring so far (wettest on records) and I'm hoping the sunshine will coax the peas to appear (notice the sun is shining today. We haven't seen many days like this). I improved my terraces this year (only a little tweak) and it seems like having a terraced hillside garden was a brilliant idea with all this rain. If only I could pretend I planned it for exactly that purpose. My herbs haven't done much either. Like I said, not much sunshine this year.

The garden proper.

What I have dubbed the garden annex.
I outgrew my garden space.

Inspired by my time living in Switzerland.

Orange mint & peppermint. Smell so yummy.

The much sought after Lemon Verbena.
And it does smell good. Hope it makes divine tea.

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