Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stop acting stupid over Hunger Games Casting!!!

Dear Internet,

I'm fed up with you right now. I hate all your drama queen freak-outs over the Hunger Game casting news. Why? Because its completely idiotic and unnecessary. Do you really want to live in a world where people are given jobs based solely on physical appearance? Do you realize that's what you're asking for?

Yes the characters had physical features in the books. Katniss had dark hair and olive skin (but let's get this clear: she was still WHITE PEOPLE). Peeta had blonde hair. Gale dark hair.


Take a second and think about that. Why do their looks matter? Is there a critical plot point that hinges on Katniss hiding behind her dark locks? Is Peeta's blonde hair the reason he's selected for the Hunger Games? Well no…


Truth be told it doesn't actually matter to the story. Katniss is not oppressed for her olive skin and Peeta is not considered a god for golden-locks. The characters have appearance because people have appearances, but its not significant to the story.

Nobody will ever be book-Peeta. In fact nobody imagines the same book-Peeta. I've heard two different people say they imagined Peeta with dark hair despite the descriptions. Why? Because that's what they're attracted to. What matters about Peeta is his heart. His sweetness and innocence even in the darkest circumstances. I want someone who can act, someone who can pull off Peeta in all his cheese-ball glory (and make it authentic!).

Yes Peeta is hot. But if that's all you saw and all that matters to you then you need to re-read the book. Or don't because you're just too shallow to appreciate Hunger Games.

So internet. Please drop the melodrama. Please quit claiming "if so and so isn't cast I'm not seeing the movie." It's unnecessary and makes us all look stupid. I spend too much of my time defending YA and it's depth to other grown-ups. What YA doesn't need is ship wars and people melting down over appearance. Hunger Games isn't that shallow. We shouldn't be either.

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