Saturday, April 23, 2011

Harlan, Beautiful Harlan

I know I have a few friends who watch Justified (and I'm starting to but I have a lot of catching up to do). Most people have heard of "Harlan Bloody Harlan" or the Harlan County War or all kinds of negative things about the area. There is a lot of bad in Eastern Kentucky. But I wanted to share a few pictures of one of my favorite spots. These were taken at Camp Blanton, an old Boy Scout camp where I do Girl Scout trainings, and on the trail to knobby rock through Blanton Forest. This is probably one of the things you won't see on Justified.

Cabin at Blanton

Dam next to a little lake

Creek that runs through Blanton

Old hemlock tree

Knobby rock (its massive & impressive)

View from Knobby Rock. (My camera does not do it justice)

(This is nothing negative about Justified which is a very entertaining and good show. Just another side of Harlan)

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