Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why I love Meet the Dupes - Roswell

1. Worst idea ever -- There are 2 sets of the royal 4! So it's like the Royal 8, only they're the "same"

2. Worst execution of a horrible idea - Stupid costumes, stupid accents. Emilie de Ravin (love her soul) was already struggling with an AMERICAN accent because you know she's Australian and all (and it's totally not possible to write her in that way for sake of her acting since she's been separated from the other 3.) But now let's try to make her do a stereotypical New York accent because clearly she can pull that off better.

3. The sci-fi channel just threw up on my character driven show! Am I the only one who remembers that this was LIZ's story, following her diary? She's supposed to be the main character of this show.

4. The Dupes (sans Tess/Ava) are evil of course. Because you know aliens can't be good and humane like the Royal 4 we love 3/4 of! Plus they're New Yorkers and whoever heard of a nice New Yorker?

5. Dupe Tess is MORE LIKABLE THAN normal Tess. For reals? Can we trade her now? In Dupe part 2 I wanted to punch Tess because she's like "Whatever you do will be right." UGHHHHH. Weak women should not be written. Ava & Liz can actually be friends. Why can't we keep Ava instead? Let the evil-royals have Tess because she'll fit right in.

Ava trumps Tess on the likability scale, despite the bad accent.

6. With all their alien powers and evilness they kill Zan (their Max) by pushing him in front of a truck. And he doesn't even attempt the green glowy forcefield of DOOM to protect himself. Great King of a Planet there.

Seriously this is the most awesomely horrible Roswell episode in the history of Roswell (Well maybe not. There is one coming up in season 3 about marrying an alien). I LOVE MEET THE DUPES. I don't know why but it makes me laugh, makes me realize how off track my fave show went, but makes me love it more somehow. It's like a kid that's so ugly it's cute. Only really, it's ugly but I love in anyways.

(There may have been a glass of wine during this show and parts of this review were written after midnight by a slaphappy Roswell superfan)

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