Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Katniss Everdeen RUMORS

So lately there have been two Katniss rumors going around.
  1. Hailee Steinfield from True Grit
  2. Jennifer Lawrence from Winters Bone
Can I just say that BOTH of these rumors make me happy? I've had my doubts about rather Hunger Games will work as a movie. Don't get me wrong I intend to see the movie (probably the opening weekend) and obsess over every trailer. And I like the Harry Potter movies and hate the whining fans that complain about the scenes cut from an epically long book.

But Hunger Games is intense in a way that Harry Potter only touches on late in the series. The Hunger Games is about kids killing kids. Are we ready to watch that? The book is written in first person which was a brilliant choice by Suzanne Collins. The violence works because we're seeing it through Katniss's eyes, struggling as she struggles, seeing how she tries to retain her humanity during the games.

Movies are a 3rd person medium. I know that vo
iceover brings a little bit of a first-person element but I don't like when this is overused. I'm not sure how the violence will translate into 3rd person. I worry that it could overwhelm the audience. The book is not pro-violence AT ALL and I hope the nuanced difference between glorifying violence and horrifying violence will translate onto screen.

BUT WAIT I said I was happy
From the looks of the rumors the casting department is searchi
ng for the cream of the crop as far as young actresses go. I don't have much of a social life & thus don't see many movies. But by all reports & clips both True Grit and Winters Bone are brilliant gritty dramas. So to me it seems that the people behind the Hunger Games movie are taking the right path. That doesn't mean it will work--but they are taking steps in the right direction.

Jennifer Lawrence
(Yes I know she's blonde, hairdye is pretty awesome)

Haille Steinfield
(Yes she already has the hair, even can rock the braid)

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