Friday, March 18, 2011

I want an e-book! No I won't cave & buy the hardcover

Gentle word to publishing people: If it's not available in e-book there's a good chance I won't buy the book. I have no shelf space. I hate dust. I love my Kindle.

This might sound silly. It might sound petty. But folks I just don't have the room for the books in my home (in fact I don't have a home, I live in a garage). So if I can't get it on Kindle I will wait until the library gets it.

I've noticed a lot of books lately that get "released" but not in e-book format. To me paperback vs hardcover was always about expense. I don't buy e-books just because they're cheaper. Actually they're not always cheaper! It's a lifestyle choice. It's less clutter, less dust, easier than a book reading experience.

I want your book. Really I do! I want to support the authors I adore (Looking at you Melina Marchetta because Piper's Son isn't in e-book right now). I may not pay hardcover cost but I will pay a little more than paperbacks.

Here I am buying more books than ever! Buying books on an impulse because the one-click system is sooooo easy. Please for the sake of my allergies sell me your book in e-book format! Otherwise I'll be waiting around for the library to get it.

Don't you want my money? Because I want to give it to you!

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