Saturday, January 8, 2011

Review: The Replacement

The Replacement by Brenna Yavanoff

2 out of 5 stars (goodreads system)

I waver between giving this 2 stars and giving this 3 stars. But when I hover over the stars 2 says "It was okay" and that pretty much describes my feelings perfectly. The concept sounded so good--the story of a changeling boy left behind in a crib. Mackie seemed interesting and likeable. But then...there were so many things that were just "eh" about it. At points the author tries TOO hard to describe the male perspective, especially when looking at females (aka boobs) and it comes across as forced. The plot jumps around a little erratically at times and aside from Mackie, none of the characters are very well developed at all. They just move around and say their lines but I don't feel like they're actually people.


-The performing for worship just made me roll my eyes. Poor excuse to include some form of teenage club and rock music in a book.
-I don't like how it jumps from making out in graveyard, to Tate furious, to random girl fight, to trying to have sex, to church fire--it all seemed very contrived.
-Tate calling Mackie when it doesn't seem like she should naturally have his phone number
-Alice is just undeveloped and fake. A walking pair of boobs for Mackie to make out with when he's really interested in Tate
-Emma had some potential--but they never really developed it
-The Morrigan--was this written by some emo teenage wannabe who shops at hot topic?

Overall I think if this book had fleshed out the characters and went through more edits maybe it could have been something more. But its not and I'm kinda sad that my mom spent money on a hardcover edition to give me for Christmas. But we won't tell her that. Shhh

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