Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review: Give up the Ghost

Give up the Ghost

by Megan Crewe

3.75/5 stars

I've been waiting MONTHS to get my hands on this book so my anticipation level has been pretty high. So no matter what I was probably due for a little bit of a letdown. Overall I have very positive feelings about this book so I'll start there.

Cass McKenna may have a bit of an attitude problem from the outside, but it's understandable. Her best friend abandoned her, her sister died leaving her family a little bit in shambles, and she falls into the role of loner. Talking to ghosts is the least of her problems, in fact it's probably the only thing that keeps her going. She uses the gossip from ghosts to bring down the high-and-mighty popular kids at her school.

This might make her a hero…except that she's not really trying to help anyone. She doesn't befriend those who need friends or stop the bullying. She uses the information as a shield, protecting herself by keeping everyone far away. She could have used her power for good…but she just isolates herself even more. Ghosts are her only real friends.

Then Tim, VP of student council popular kid needs her help contacting his dead mother. She originally misjudges him (of course she does! She spends all her time judging everyone and it's always bad). Talking to ghosts may be Cass's coping mechanism, but Tim seems to be falling apart by falling into every teenage stereotype. But he's honest and Cass kinda likes that.

Even though Tim becomes a little bit of a movie-of-the-week stereotype by the end of the novel it doesn't bother me (because frankly I've had those moments too). What makes this book imperfect is the information it never reveals. I feel like there are questions raised that are never answered (and some of the time I may have missed the answers--I read this quickly). Here are a few of the biggies:

1. Why did Paige stay behind?

2. What caused Chester the ghost to disappear?

3. What did Tim's mom die of?

4. What is the general ghost mythology of this book? (This is never really explained).

Little things like that and a few other things that I didn't quite believe brought this book down. (Ex. Cass riding her bike around everywhere. I live with a 16 yr old sister and can't imagine this being realistic for any of the modern teens I know. Ex. 2 Cass not having a cellphone and using the landline. My family doesn't even have a landline anymore).

However this is an excellent debut! I'll watch this author because I'm curious what else she'll write (and I would love something that answered a few of my questions)

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