Friday, January 7, 2011

Review: An Artificial Night

An Artificial Night by Seanan McGuire
4.5 stars (aka really enjoyable read!)

There are so many things that seem like they shouldn't work for this book. But when I finally reached the end…they did. I loved it!

And I really like it when books surprise me like that. I've enjoyed this series from book 1 but occasionally during the book things would come up that would make me ask "Really? Will this work" then I keep reading and somehow weird things--like October's fetch showing up as a death omen--turns out so much more amusing that I ever imagine. I also found myself asking "REALLY again" at one point (and once you read this book you'll see exactly what I mean" and I thought "surely they're just dragging the story out at this point," but nope, I was wrong. It also worked.

October Daye has a chip on her shoulder as always, still mouthing off sarcastically when she really should shut up. But that's why we like her? She's a hero, but more of a reluctant one.

Something I liked about this novel was that I felt like we got more of a picture of Toby as a mother. That's something I've always had trouble picturing. But her maternal side is there--only with her best friend's children (because Gillian is still not in the picture).


Just some thoughts:

-At first May Daye bothered me. But when she started becoming her own person and participating in rescue missions I started liking her. She's a more cheerful version of Toby.

-What's with Tybalt sulking off again? I like him, probably more than is decent to admit. Can't they just admit they like each other and make out a little? Please?

-Quentin & Katie - normally you hear the human side of abandoning faerie lovers, but clearly it broke Quentin's heart.

-Now I kind of want to know more about Sylvester's hero days

-Did Toby really think she wasn't a hero? Jeeze?

-Please tell me more about Amandine soon? What does everyone seem to have against her? (Looks like maybe we'll know something next book…)

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Mari Adkins said...

love these books, though sometimes i want to shake tybalt until his teeth rattle! ;)