Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book cover uses picture of house from my town...

So the mayor of my small town lives in a beautiful Victorian house that I drive by everyday. It's always decorated perfectly for every holiday (and classy decor I need to say--no large inflatables). Apparently not only locals admire his house because it's now a book cover for a bestselling author.

Read the story in the local paper

As a book nerd this makes me completely happy. It's not a book I would ever read (not my one of my genres) but I love seeing the pride of my hometown shown on a larger scale. Part of pride probably comes from the rivalry with the town where I work (the town next door) who just destroyed one of the last 2 remaining Victorian houses to make a gravel parking lot (with hopes of someday building a parking structure there--yuck).

For disclosure purposes I should state though I think the Mayor's house is beautiful I dislike the color. Too pink for me.

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