Saturday, August 21, 2010

Update on what I'm reading

My goal is 50 books this year. Definitely going to make it! I've learned a little bit about my reading habits lately. I'm picky when it comes to paranormals. I didn't like Shiver and I hated Twilight. I've heard "The Iron King" by Julie Kagawa called paranormal and I LOVED it. The first book barely touched on the romance and I found the fey world fascinating. I'm reading quite a few dystopians lately (which is word I can't pronounce without stumbling over it), my favorite recent book being "The Hunger Game" series. I'm not sure how I'm SO behind on the Hunger Games but at least I caught up in time for Mockingjay.

I don't trust my Internet so I'm stopping. If it continues to behave I'll post again soon!

1. Looking for Alaska
2. An Acceptable Time
3. Going Bovine
4. Paper Towns
5. The Dark Mirror
6. The Blade of Fortriu
7. The Well of Shades
8. Front Page Face-off
9. Stardust
10. Lord Sunday
11. Rosemary & Rue
12.Hex Hall
13. A Local Habitation
14. Soulless
15. Blameless
16. On Writing
17. Witch & Wizard (audio)
18. Graceling
19. Shiver
20. Forest of Hands and Teeth
21. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (audio)
22. Labyrinth (audio)
23. Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norell (currently reading)
24. The Dead Tossed Waves
25. Uglies
26. Finnikan of the Rock
27. Pretties
28. Specials
30. Grave Peril (audio)
31. The Book Theif
32. Incarceron
33. The Iron King
34. An Abundance of Katherines (audio)
35. Hunger Games
36. Boy in the Striped Pajamas
37. Catching Fire (read in an afternoon/evening)
38. Iron Daughter
39. Absolutely True Dairy of a Part Time Indian
40. The Body Finder
41. Gone by Michael Grant (current)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yet another contest entry

This entry is going to have to be quick because my Internet hates functioning like it's suppose to. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything really. Its hard when your online for 5 minutes and the Internet goes haywire.

As a part of this contest I was required to pick my literary match. Though I'm tempted by Peeta from the Hunger Games (Seriously he's self sacrificing, cuddles and can make me laugh? He can bake me bread any time, burnt or not). BUT I decided until after the last of the Hunger Games book I should stay loyal and true to George from the Alanna series. Not only is he funny and mischievous, but he's a good reliable friend to Alanna over the series. I like him.

Go win books and stuff. I haven't had any luck yet so I know I won't. :(

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Super huge contest on facebook

Theresa Walsh has a contest where she is giving away 108 books (2 books per lots of winners) on facebook to celebrate the release o The Last Will of Moira Leahy (Which has such a beautiful cover that the graphic designer in me squeals with jealousy). This book is already on my "to read" list (well not technically but mentally. I haven't added it on goodreads yet) so winning it would be awesome.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The library hates me

I tried to get on and update this blog from the library. When I got there the reference library (in a not very nice tone) and asked to get on the wireless I got the answer "The wireless is down." Without the verbal attitude the rudeness is somewhat lost, but even with just those words its bad customer service and not much information. So I pressed a little further to ask how long the wireless had been down (months? A few seconds? An hour? Something to tell me if it's coming back). I think this question further annoyed the librarian and she said "3 or 4 days," still clearly just wanting me to go away.

So I checked out a computer (my Internet is made of fail at home, hence why I was at the library). I go to blogger and get the "You are not connected to the Internet page," though clearly from the facebook pictures I uploaded (almost 200) I was connected. So the reference librarians clearly hates me, the library hates blogger and here I am sneaking a post.

Someday when the world cooperates more I'll post pics of my Montana/Yellowstone trip. And now it's not letting me copy/paste to blogger.

Update of what I've read
I'm up to about 31 books. They will remain a mystery as long as blogger hates me.