Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crafting Fun!

I'm in a crafty mood lately. I'm making the Japanese Knot Purse at the moment. It looked easy and like something I could make more than once easily to keep my sewing in more practice.

Here is the fabric & the beginning of my progress

You can just print the pattern off the Internet (which I love because printer paper>pattern paper)

Aren't these fabrics so beautiful together?

And here are my most recent crafting purchases. They make me so happy. I also bought two patterns, 99¢ a piece on sale at Hobby Lobby. I wish I had bought more but I was making a quick stop on the way somewhere else. Two $18 patterns for $1. That is happiness!

I will try to post an update on my reading habits soon. I'm going through too very long books (one real paper book, 1 audio CD) at the same time. The first is Johnathon Strange and Mr. Norrell which I originally tried to read during college. Trying to read a 1000+ page novel during college did not work at all. Now I'm attempting it again and it still seems ridiculously long and wordy (but amusing). I'm also "reading" Labyrinth by Kate Mosse via CD. Time/place jumping novels get confusing on CD.

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