Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meet my garden

I love my garden. To me gardening is a lot like writing. You make something from nothing. I think that's why I enjoy half my hobbies. This is my 3rd year gardening, 2nd year using my terraced garden. Before I started this project there was a hillside "garden" behind my house (which is the mother-in-laws suite at the back of my parents house). Calling it a garden is generous. It's around the corner of the house, thus out of sight & ignored. The weeds really enjoyed their freedom growing in the hillside "garden" thats only real purpose was to stop erosion.

Then last year mom suggested moving my vegetable garden there where I could have more space. It was a lot more work than expected. I have dug out tons of clay, built terraces & bought countless bags of Hyponex. But now I'm a proud mama-gardener wanting to show off her garden-child.

My garden

Here is my herb garden. For some reason I prefer growing herbs in pots.

Basil is special & gets its own bigger part.

Zucchini that I grew from seed. It came up so quickly & happily I think I'm going to go that route from now on. (Some plants I start from seed, others I buy cheap at dollar store)

Lettuce and Mesclun mix. There is also spinach but it's barely there so I didn't take a picture. This is my "salad bowl" terrace.

Broccoli(out of pic), Sugar snap peas and onions. My sugar snaps don't seem to be in the mood for blooming. If anyone has any hints I would be very open to that. They are suppose to be an early harvest but they've just kept growing and growing.

Tomatoes!! The large ones I bought at dollar store in March & grew them in my window. They already have some blooms. I have Rutgers, Golden Girls & Red Cherry. (I know it's a bad blends with the background). Hopefully this is the year I have success with tomatoes.

Squash, Cucumbers, Bell peppers (in far corner) and the spot where the zucchinis will go. I added the fourth terrace this year. I think it will solve a lot of the erosion problems I've had in the past.

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