Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Local Habitation (and reading update)

So I just reviewed "A Local Habitation" by Seanan McGuire on Goodreads. I think I may be in rather a weird mood for writing reviews (I don't try very hard on Goodread reviews. I use it to keep track of what I want to read more than anything).

A Local Habitation
4 stars (because 1/2 stars are not options)
In some ways these books drive me nuts but I keep reading onward (staying up late to do so at times) so obviously they are doing something right. Tempted to give 3 stars because sometimes the main character tries a little too hard (or the author tries too hard to make her) to be "not cool so cool" and seems to muse on thoughts about faerie when most people would just think "PEOPLE ARE DYING AHHHHH." Still I'll probably read the next one so giving it anything less than a 4 would be lying to myself and others. I really do like these books (but its sometimes a disgruntled type of like).

Update on what I've read & am reading
Hex Hall
I finished this book and loved this book. Can't wait for the next one (except I have to wait a year). If you want an elegant and articulate reason for why I loved this book see above post and realize this is not the time. Just accept that it is loved.
A Local Habitation
Finished, see above
Soulless by Gail Carriger
Just started. Seems amusing with a good wit. It has a particular style (and I realize it needs that voice otherwise it wouldn't be the novel it is) that will take some getting used to.
Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Just bought. I know this book has been around for awhile and I've heard good things about it. Sometimes it just takes awhile.
Shiver by Maggie S. However-you-spell it
Have not bought. Yes I know I just avoided looking up how to spell her name. I want to buy this book in paperback and supposedly it comes out June 1. I say "supposedly" because I tried to ask about ordering it at Books-A-Million today and they knew nothing about the upcoming paperback at the local store (and they did look at the computer to find it). However Amazon, Barnes and Noble AND Books-A-Million website all have it being released June 1. Not sure if incompetence or techno-fail is to blame for the confusion. Either way I do want this book.

PS This message goes out to any blogger I read who gets lost in the inter-webs and ends up here. Quit giving me book suggestions. I'm spending lots of money on books. That makes you happy but my dog very sad. I'm too cheap to pay for her to go to a proper groomers so I'm throwing her in the bathtub this weekend. YOU ARE TO BLAME.

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