Sunday, August 12, 2007

Testing the blog

I thought I would test drive this blog. I'm creating this blog to keep everyone updated about my upcoming Switzerland trip.

The basics
Im going to Switzerland to volunteer with Girl Scouts. I'll be working at Our Chalet, a girl Scout World Centre in Adelboden. It's south of Berns in the pretty alps area. I'll be doing a variety of things--helping run the hotel and leading activities. I get two days off a week so I can explore Switzerland a bit.

What's happening now
I'm waiting for my Visa (this is the scary thing) but I just bought my plane ticket. I'm trying to find an adapter so that I can take my computer to Switzerland. I'm buying odds and ends. I'm thinking way too much about the trip because I have all the time in the world to think. That's because I'm bored in my hometown of Corbin for the next three weeks. You think: maybe you should travel to see your friends before you leave. Smart idea, except, I don't trust my car, my friends are probably busy preparing for college, gas money, etc (mainly I don't trust my car).

For now, I get to sit around and think about whether I'm crazy or not. Going to Switzerland (a country where I've never been) to spend three months with people I don't know. But its a dream come true. It's a choice I'm making--I want to explore myself and life. I'm not jumping immediately into a job. Life is meant to be lived. I'm living mine. Maybe that sounds dumb, but its hard to explain all the reasons I'm going to Switzerland

Since this is a "Girl Scout" blog I feel obligated to say something about camp. This summer was--interesting. It had moments of brilliance but it also had some really hard testing moments. It's like I had 2 halves of summer--one that was amazing and one that was kinda bad. But I learned a lot and I had a lot of adventures. I climbed in the gorge, learned to set up a rappell, rapelled a lot more than I ever had, belayed and got calluses/blisters, I prusiked in 36 seconds (2nd place at camp!), reblazed teaberry trail and did a plethora of other things.